8 lug wheel spacers

Chevy 8 lug wheel spacers

Silverado 1500HD, Silverado 2500, Silverado 2500HD, Silverado 3500, Suburban 2500

Dodge 8 lug wheel spacers

Ram Van 2500, Ram Van 3500, Ram Wagon 2500, Ram Wagon 3500, Ram 2500, Ram 3500.

Ford 8 lug wheel spacers

E250, E350 Super Duty, F-350.

GMC 8 lug wheel spacers

GMC Savana 2500, GMC Savana 3500, GMC Sierra 1500HD, GMC Sierra 2500, GMC Sierra 2500HD, GMC Sierra 3500, GMC Sierra 3500HD, GMC Yukon XL 2500.

By Size

8 lug wheel spacers: sizes and fitment chart

If you want to expand the track of the car or to add more clearance, pay attention to the following 8 lug spacers. They give you more options, for example, you can make a dual track from your single one. They also allow you to find a room for wider tires.

To cope with the task it’s enough to get 4 spacers for the front wheels and 3 ones for the rear wheels. This upgrading makes it possible to improve the stability and other features of single tracks to the level of dual ones.

The most in-demand type of spacers is 2-inches eight lug spacers. These spacers allow you to install tires up to 13.50 wide, which, in fact, hit the spot of almost all drivers. The undoubted advantage of these spacers is the ability to make an individual size for your car.

The bolt pattern or PCD involves 2 values, such as the number of bolts (in this case we have 8 ones) and the lug diameter.

How To Measure 8 Lug Bolt Patterns

To find the correct 8 lug bolt pattern or PCD, you need to measure the distance between the two farthest studs. Importantly, the interval should exactly pass through the lug spacer center, and its tangent points are in the middle of the studs.

Bolt Pattern Torque Sequence Specifications: 1, 8, 4, 6, 2, 7, 3, 5
Note: Install the billet wheels with a torque spanner for the right installation. Make sure your measurements comply with your auto’s manual guidelines.

General recommendations by stud size in Ft/Lbs: 12mm = 70-80, 7/16 = 55-65, 1/2 = 75-85, 14mm = 85-95, 9/16 = 95-115, 5/8 = 135-145.

Remember to do double-check after at least 50-100 first miles (about 120-150 km).

Best 8 lug wheel spacers for cars and trucks review

4″ wheel spacers heavy duty 8 lug 8×6.5

8 lug 8x6.5 wheel spacers

These spacers get T6061 billet alum makeup and provide 10.9 resistance to rupture, outstanding with its broad utility.

In the concrete, the use of 8 lug spacers is a simple and cheap way to turn your single truck into a double one. You need to install 4-inch parts on fore-wheels while using 3-inch parts on backward wheels. This helps to get closer to double truck performance.

You can use 2-inch ones for adequate accommodation of new large tires.

You can’t buy an odd number of spacers or 1 spacer, because the makers package them only by 2 pieces.

4”-wide spacers provide 8×6.5 and 8x170mm lug patterns in order to comply with 8 lug autos expect 05- later Superduty Dually truck.

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4pcs 2 inch 8 Lug Wheel Spacers Adapters 8×6.5 for Chevy Dodge Ram 9/16″ Studs


  • Provide only high-class aerospace alum
  • Allow adding the room between the wheel and the hub
  • Make an aggressive appearance and an imposing air of your vehicle.
  • Give the possibility to boost control performance
  • Meet requirements as durable, tight-fitting and upscale parts
  • Minimize wheel or tire friction
  • Suits for installing larger wheels
  • Improve high-speed stability and road property
  • Allow installing under any conditions
  • Come cheap as the tire installation. It’s enough to have a wheel but wrench and ram.


Number: 4pcs in 2 pairs
Width: 2-inch for every peace
Axle Seat diameter: 126.15mm
Car Lug Pattern: 8×6.5 inches or 8×165.1 mm
Wheel Lug Pattern: 8×6.5 inches or 8×165.1 mm
Thread Interval: 9/16 inches

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ECCPP 4PCS 2″ Wheel Spacers Adapters Super Duty Excursion Truck 14×1.5 Studs

Did you know what is ECCPP Wheel Spacer Adapter, anyway? You heard about it if you have a Ford truck. When it’s time to swop wheel guns you need to do it with all the rims. It’s easy to recommend you ECCPP spacers as the first choice of pretty much manufacturers at the auto market.

Wheel spacers are simple to install and look stylish. Don’t just walk past, even if you own a large-size vehicle. Spacers make the riding comfortable and safe, and your car becomes more maneuverable and readable.

Features and Specifications:

  • Buying the spacers, you get 4 pieces in order to install all parts at once.
  • They have 125mm diameter of hub hole and 2-inch width way.
  • The parts get 6061-T6 Aerospace Alum ensuring lasting quality.
  • They get 60° bulge lug nuts with conoidal form and 32 x CNC nuts automatically.
  • The forging studs have 10.9 in durability
  • Their lug pattern is 8×170 or 14×2.0, and 14×1.5 of the screw thread.


  • Details stand the heavy loading
  • The parts are superior in quality excellent and fit almost all Ford Trucks
  • As a result, auto performance improves


  • Ask a bottom man to install the pieces for proper position
  • Nuts are short, making installation difficult

RockTrix 2pcs 2 inch Hubcentric Wheel Spacers – 8×170 Bolt Pattern with 14×1.5 Studs (Fine Threads)

Fits: Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, Commander
Material: T6 aluminum

By analogy with the previous ones, these wheel spacers work well with the Grand Cherokee, the Wrangler or the Commander truck. They also have T6 alum make, but, at the same time, are more budget-friendly.

The wheel spacer cutting is so much accurate so that during your driving the pressure divides up between all parts of the wheel. Thus, you can prolong the use period of details.

On top of that, the manufacturer adds mounting lug nuts to the spacers set. They match perfectly to the pieces, which helps to simplify the installation process. We guarantee you an imposing air of your wheels. You can use these spacers to swap out for the large auto wheels without any problems.


  • Thoroughbred spacers provide firm quality control by makers
  • The parts are simple to operate for starters using elaborate service instructions
  • Comes with a detailed user manual
  • The central bead offset is 71.5mm in length fitting tight to rim


  • We don’t recommend installing overly large tires, due to breaking risk of the bearings