audi a5 spacers

It has now been a decade since Audi A5 hit the road. One feature about them is the elegant design and calm look that gives them great appearance. Apart from that Audi A5 is a monster on the road, its performance is exceptional. Quattro all-wheel-drive technology boost performance such as high precision and stability making high cornering speeds.

The big question is when you want to add a new wheel spacer for your Audi A5.
So, this is where the challenge comes, how do you choose the mm? 15/25 mm or 20/25 mm. But first, let’s look at the benefits you’ll get from wheel spacers.

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audi a5 wheel spacers

5×112 Wheel Spacers 3mm

5×112 Wheel Spacers 15mm (0.6 inches) 

5×112 Wheel Spacers 20mm (0.78 inches)

5×112 Wheel Spacers 25mm (1 inch)

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2019 audi wheel spacers

5×112 Wheel Spacers 3mm

5×112 Wheel Spacers 5mm

 5×112 Wheel Spacers 15mm

5×112 Wheel Spacers 20mm (3/4 inches) 

5×112 Wheel Spacers 25mm


What are the benefits of wheel spacers for your Audi A5?

Better handling and performance; one feature about them is that they alter wheel offset and makes the wheel sits further away from the hub assembly. This enables traction to improve. Again, the tracks are widened which reduces load transfer of your vehicle.
Great look; we all know that the designers might not be creative when producing stock wheels. However, the custom wheels will spark your driving moments when you use wheel spacers. They give the vehicle a smashing appearance.

Extend tires lifespan; your new aftermarket tire needs wheel spacers to eliminate rubbing fenders. Without them, your Audi A5 pose the risk of rubbing the fender line when making turns or cornering. This can become a costly affair in the long run.


Choosing the size of wheel spacer for your Audi A5

The work of this gadget is to ensure that the wheel is outwards a little bit away from the vehicle together with the suspension components. When purchasing the spacers one should familiarize with bolt pattern (Pitch Circle Diameter), spacer thickness, and hub bore.

Bolt pattern and thickness for the Audi A5

Bolt pattern – also known as pitch circle diameter (PCD) comprises of lug nuts and their spacing that the car applies to grip its wheels. The Audi A5 owner can either buy custom wheels with the same diameter, wheel offset and rims size equivalent to OE. Or go for aftermarket wheels which are bigger, wider couple with less offset but look elegant.

Replacing Audi A5 original wheels is not troublesome like other cars. So, you can change this blot pattern using various Adapters available in the market. They mostly use 5X112 pattern, meaning 5-lug bolts are in a 112 mm diameter circle.


The hub centric ring

The hub of your Audi A5 ensures that the wheel is in the center position. You will find it at the center of the cars pitch circle diameter. Coming up with its measurement is simple, simply measure the width. Now, we find that A5 stock wheel has a perfect center bore that usually fits well on the hub. However, you can fit it with a larger center bore using hub centric rings from the markets.


Ground clearance with a leveling kit

A leveling kit uses hardware to raise your A5 body away from the axles. This option works well if you go for larger tires. One feature that leveling kit is known for is ground clearance. Extra caution should be taken when the A5 high on the ground.
The thing to consider when installing wheel spacer on Audi A5

  • Before installing the gadget ensue that you understand the technical aspect of your wheels. This is to ensure that you don’t end up with rubbing fenders issues. If you choose the wrong measurement, your wheels might fit well causing them to rub the fenders. This might sound well as it will produce sound when negotiating a corner. Test the vehicle by making turns to ensure no sound is coming out.
  • If you decide to DIY, make sure you have the right adapters in the first place. The first procedure is to park your A5 on level ground. Then raise your car.
  • Use an automotive jack to rest your A5. Then remove the lug nuts so that you can remove the wheel off. Perform some clean up since the area is prone to dust.
  • To ensure your spacer is secure use Loctite on each wheel studs. Place your wheel spacer to the hub then tighten the nuts. Double check your work to ensure they all fit well.

Audi A5 wheel spacers before and after

  • 20mm front
  • 25mm rear