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The Acura was the first automotive luxury brand to be built by the Japanese automaker, Honda. It expanded to the United States market in 1986, the Hong Kong market in 1991, the Mexican market in 2004, the Chinese market in 2006, the Russian market in 2014, and the Kuwait market in 2015. It was later sold in Ukraine but delayed in the Japanese domestic market due to the 2008 financial crisis.

At the time of its introduction, Honda launched a new dealership sales channel dubbed the Honda Clio which was an addition to the previously launched Honda Verno. The Honda Primo also joined the two the following year to market and sell high-performance luxury vehicles. The Acura’s market performance was quite low in the 90s. It, however, received drastic redesigns and new models that revived its market performance in early 19th Century.


Your wheels may have the correct backspacing or offset. Sometimes, it might be necessary to make adjustments. The correct offset can be achieved by installing the right set of wheel spacers for your Acura. A couple of extra inches or millimeters could be what your Acura needs for better clearance. If you need to clear large brakes or give your car a flashier look, we recommend installing quality and durable spacers.

There was a time when wheel spacers were quite unreliable. They were made of cheap metal that would crack easily under tremendous stress. Overtightening your Acura wheels could cause serious damage. Today, Acura wheel spacers are carefully built and include toughened and machine-cut pieces of steel or aluminum metal. They allow your wheels to safely sit outwards providing a wider wheelbase and stance. The overall look is enhanced. The handling is also upgraded. Acura wheel spacers are available with lug nuts or extended wheel studs.



Bolt patterns vary from car to car. However, most rims can be used interchangeably between different cars. To find out the type of Acura wheel spacer that you’ll need, you need to find out what type of bolt pattern your wheels possess. Sometimes, this type of information can be difficult to find, especially if you only have the wheel information and none about the bolt or stud pattern.

For starters, you could head over to a junkyard and test your rim on different wheel hubs. Do this with the calipers fixed onto the rims. Find a car with the same bolt pattern as yours. Note down the model, year and make and try to look for the rim information. With time, you’ll be able to distinguish between different stud patterns and determine if the rim will fit on your car or not. Multiple factors determine if a rim will fit.

Bolt Pattern │ Stud Pattern:

It’s a description of the number of lugs found on your wheel or car. It also describes the measurement between them. A bolt or stud pattern of 5 × 114.3 means that there are 5-lug spaced 114.3 mm apart. The same could be expressed in inches, that is, 5 × 4.5”.

CB Center Bore or Center Hole:

The wheel center bore describes the size of the hole found at the back of the wheel that allows it to center over the hub. Some center bores are built to match with the hub, hence, reducing vibration by keeping the wheel well-centered. Wheels with the right-center bore are said to be hub-centric. They make things easy for the lug nuts and take the centering stress off. Wheels that are not hub-centric are supposed to be lug-centric. Here, the lug nuts do the centering when properly torqued. The center bore must either be larger or equal to the size of the hub. Otherwise, the wheel cannot be fixed onto the hub. Wheels with larger center bores are usually fixed with plastic or aluminum hub-centric rings which slide towards the back or lock the wheel in place.



Always be aware of your manufacturer’s torque settings when installing your wheels. Proper torquing ensures that the assembly is secure and that there’s neither too much nor too little pressure exerted on any of the assemblies.

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