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Chevrolet or Chevy as a common username and Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company as the formal name belongs to USA General Motors.

Chevy sell its cars all over the world in the largest auto markets.
The affiliated firm realized the vehicles in Australia with a Camaro and Silverado production launch. As of 2018, the company comes back after its withdrawal from its market.

As of 2005 Chevy resumed in the European market and appeared in South Korea with new GM Daewoo. The goal of the company was to make Chevy the main vehicle in the mid-range while Opel and Vauxhall moving to the high-class.

But the company changed its strategy, and from the beginning of 2013, GM no longer sold its vehicles in Europe, apart from Corvette and Camaro, finished in 2016.

However, the Chevys stuck around the CIS countries except for Russia.

GM ceased to produce cars under the Daewoo brand after GM bought out Daewoo. Further, the company sold the items under the brand Chevrolet.

Speaking of North America, Chevy launches production and sells various items from cars with small engine sizes to medium trucks.
In a short period of time, Chevrolet becomes such a world-famous brand to be synonymous for GM. For example, GM produced the GM LSI engine increasingly called Chevy cylinder barrel engine.

About Chevrolet Wheel Spacers

You can select more other wheels if you install wheel spacers. Thanks to the spacers it’s easy to gear the wheel are not made for your vehicle. Their hub centric form softens jarring and lack of stability with its favorable location between a hub and a wheel. Another plus of no little interest is the feasibility of using large brake staples via increasing clearance.

Chevrolet bolt pattern chart

To understand what Lug pattern means to imagine the circle consists of lug holes centers connecting with each other by chain method. Then measure a circle diam.

The automakers usually produce bolt patterns with 4-7 and 8 openings. Every bolt pattern has the 2-criterion measurement such as the lugs number and the spacing of them fixes in millimeters. Among the standard vehicle bolt patterns, you have 4-100mm and 5-114.3mm.

Chevrolet lug nut torque specifications

Before setting the torque, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Every manufacturer evaluates their torque specifications empirically so they are optimal. The pressure divided up on all wheel parts without deforming them. You may rest assured none of the vehicle parts that the wheel touches are on the heavy side. Don’t forget to inspect the results and make a rechecking after several dozens of miles. An important point that many drivers miss is to cool the wheel to outside temperature.

chevy silverado 1500 wheel spacers

How to choose the best wheel spacers for Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Wheel spacers are a very popular item in the tuning community, even for vehicles like the Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Chevy’s full-size truck is owned...