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Dodge is a big-name automobile company from the USA with its founder via Chrysler Group LLC and location in Auburn Hills, Michigan. As of today Dodge produce badge Chrysler cars and muscle cars at low cost.

In the outset of 1900, the brothers Horace Elgin and John Francis Dodge established the Dodge Brothers Company car manufacturing plant.

In the first instance, Dodge supplied the details, component parts, and tool equipment for machine manufacturer in Detroit. Beginning from 1914 Dodge started to produce all-equipped vehicles in the framework of Dodge brothers before Chrysler Corp sprang up.

2011 was a year of separating the Dodge, Ram, and Viper. A bit later Chrysler Group changed its name to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

About Dodge Wheel Spacers

It’s easy to recommend you the wheel spacers for Dodge because we have enough information to that effect such as bolt and stud pattern, Dodge fellies and wheels, lug nuts, center bore, offset. Nine-tenths of the rims can suit to at once several cars.

Dodge bolt pattern chart

The searching for necessary information about rims may become a thing if you know nothing about stud and bolt pattern. You need to check against the bolt pattern you choose with the one you have on the wheel. You can take an easy route and try to test fit the rim to the various wheel hubs in the auto wrecker keeping track of the brake stable. Next, you can look for the wheel info about the rims you select proceeding from the auto model and year of manufacture. After such a practice you may distinguish the adequate wheel rims by eye.

Bold pattern | Stud pattern:

You need to know how many lugs your car has and measure the distance between them. If you have 5×114.3(4.5”) wheel, it means there are 5 lugs with 114.3mm or 4.5-inch over a distance.

CB (Center Bore or Center Hole):

The wheel center home is a bore value places behind the wheel centering it to the clearance.

There are the manufacture wheels with a center bore perfect matches to the hub. They usually call them hub centric wheels. Such parts may very likely steady the wheel oscillation while driving. Their peculiarity is to review the stresses from the log nuts alongside with providing the adequate wheel centering.
But if you use lug centric wheels, lug nuts take on all centering work. This defaults to the fact that you have to find out the perfect lug nuts and tighten them as hard as possible.

Pay attention! The aftermarket parts should be larger or very close to a wheel hub, otherwise, they don’t fit your Dodge. This is good news the most aftermarket wheels are hub centric and can vary in their hole. Manufacturers often use plastic and alum for them.

Offset :

The wheel offset is the ratio of the mounting surface (where bolt holes places) to the wheel turning the axle.

It can be negative, positive and zero as well as Low, Medium and High parameters. We consider these characteristics as most important for automotive rims.

Dodge lug nut torque specifications

Adequate wheel installation is not conceivable without taking into account the torque recommendations (how much you need to tension the lug bolts) of the manufacturer from the user guide. Keep track of model, vehicle manufacturer year and car make.
Following the instructions simplifies the process of torque specifications. And as a result, your vehicle tools and parts don’t bulge and damage.

Be sure to clear threads before installing starts. Check your wheels not only after the setup finishes but after at least 100 miles.

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