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Nowadays we know Honda Motor Company as an international Group from Japan. But heretofore Honda provided cars, flying machine, motor-bicycles, power facilities.

Starting from 1959 Honda became the worldwide biggest motor-bicycle maker. Moreover, Honda took the 1st place by a production volume of explosion motors. The figures reached 14 million yearly.
As of 2001, the company was the second large automaker in Japan. In 2015 Honda was in Top-8 worldwide automakers.
Honda was the first company in Japan to produce a high-class car under the Acura brand.

Cars and motorcycles are Honda’s main activities. But besides this, it produces garden tools, ship engines, wave runners and other items.

From 1986, Honda studied artificial intelligence and robotics, which allowed to release the ASIMO robot in 2000.

Honda began to develop in the aviation and space industries. GE Honda Aero Engines and Honda HA-420 HondaJet appeared in 2004.

Honda holds 3 Chinese group companies such as Honda China, Dongfeng Honda, and Guangqi Honda.

The Corporation is not still ready to rest, investing a lot of money to researching and developing.

In 2013 cars export in the United States significantly exceeded the cars import. This is the first time in the history of the Japanese auto industry.


Wheel spacers place the space between the hub and the wheel. These details can push the wheel to a specific distance from the wheel hub surface.

Wheel spacers optimize clearance if you use larger wheels than you have. In addition, they guarantee the new aesthetic appearance of your car.

You improve the handling and performance of your vehicle thanks to its large wheel wideness.

We especially recommend the wheel spacers for vehicles with deep wheel seats. You will feel the difference in driving, your car becomes pliable.

Regardless of your technical background, it’s easy to learn how to quickly install wheel spacers. They look quite lucid and simple, made of alum or steel.



On our site, you will find any information you need about wheel spacers, lug pattern and other parts of your vehicle like a center hole, offset.

It’s easy to choose the right lug pattern comparing the one you have with the one you find.

Everything stands intricately if you don’t have information about lug pattern and stud. But we have one proven practical method.
You take your rim to the aftermarket and wipe the necessary wheel hug for it. This may seem inconvenient and long. However, when you find a suitable one, everything turns out quickly. The key point is to remember the year of auto manufacture, its brand, and model. And then it remains only to use our convenient search and buy details.

Bold pattern | Stud pattern:

The value characterizes 2 indicators at once: the number of lugs and the diameter of the circle across them. If you have 5-4,5, it’s easy to understand there are 5 lugs and 4,5 means the diam of the lugs circle.


Torque provides how much you need to tighten the nuts for a particular car. Car manufacturers prescribe this value for each specific car. The Honda cars have to get 80 ft-lbs.

As practice shows, the manufacturer’s measurement is right.
Strict adherence to instructions helps to keep wheel parts and tools safe and sound.

If you do not follow the instructions, there is a risk to crack, shear, loose or break the lugs.

Tighten the nuts on the cross pattern to the adequate torque value. Remember to double-check it after the first 100 miles.

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