Jeep is among the well-known companies and is a part of FCA US LLC (the old name is Chrysler Group, LLC). It gave a good account of itself in the American automobile market. The company is a subsidiary of the joint Italian and USA corporation Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

In 1987, Chrysler bought Jeep and other assets from American Motors Corporation (AMC), the former owner of Jeep.

Currently, Jeep focuses only on sports cars and SUVs. However, there was once a time when it produced pickups.

Jeep occupies a luxury SUV cars niche with its Grand Cherokee model. The assumption is that Wagoneer created this part of the market.

Jeep’s global sales amounted to 1.4 million SUVs in 2016, which is 900,000 items more than 2008 results. Geographically, the company sold the most items in North America (about ⅔). Moreover, Fiat-Chrysler became the best-selling brand in the United States in the first part of 2017.

In the US, dealership spreads to a large scale (there are more than 2,400 dealers today). They hold franchise rights to sell Jeep cars. According to experts, this situation leads to the fact that if the Jeep demerges FCA its price amounts to 33.5 billion dollars.
No matter how paradoxical it may sound, but the FCA total cost in the USA is shade less.

Jeep is such a specific and popular brand that it became a household name or generic term long before. It’s a “generalized character”  for Jeep-like SUVs.

About Jeep Wheel Spacers

If you want to change something in the appearance or performance of your Jeep wheels it’s easy to recommend you to look at the Ford wheel adapters and spacers. In addition to tire clearance, you get more control over driving a car as cherry of the cake.

Thanks to wheel adapters, you can install almost any desired wheels on your Jeep, which you don’t even consider due to incompatibility with your car settings. It may be 5×5 Wrangler JK for your 5×4.5 Wrangler TJ.

If you want your Jeep to show more power and aggression, pay your attention to the wheel spacers. They allow you to install large tires on your car without losing control over driving. The details provide extra clearance from 1.25 to 1.5 inches.


Jeep bolt pattern chart

The centers of the lugged wheel form the imaginary circle. The bolt patterns are its diametrical line which may have 4-6 and 8 lug-holes.

The 4×100 bolt circle means there are the 4 lugs with the 100mm circle diam. You should interpret the 5x115mm-bolt in a similar fashion.

Now the dual bolt pattern gains traction among the car manufacturers on a large scale. The details increase the number of elements wheels fit. To demonstrate it we cite an example. If your dual bolt pattern is 4-100/114.3 it means you can choose between 2 various parts (4-100mm or 4-114.3mm). But you need a snap meter to take the dimensions of the 5-bolt pattern. You should gauge the center lug-holes diam. You will find below a link that you can use as a recommendation for use.

Jeep lug nut torque specifications

You need to make sure that the lug nuts are well screwed when the wheels start moving. This check ensures your safety and security while traveling.

The torque tuning is the first necessary procedure after wheels installing. Be careful: please follow the Jeep’s recommendations in stages. Your next step is to tighten the lug rubs shoulders with the last one you tensioned. Move further on the wheel and tighten the bolts one by one, following the voluntary values from the diagram. You can use the diagram when the recommendations of the manufacturer aren’t close in hand whenever you know your Jeep’s lug size.

Lug Size Ft/Lbs Torque
7/16″ 55-65
1/2″ 75-85
9/16″ 95-115
5/8″ 135-145
12mm 72-80
14mm 85-95


IMPORTANT NOTE:  That’s the biggie to check and correct new wheels lug torque after you drive 25-30 miles. Next checkpoint is 100-miles limit.

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