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Suzuki Motor Corp is an international corporation with the main office in Minami, Hamamatsu, Japan. It constructs autos, FWD cars, motor-bicycles, cross-country vehicles, pod-type ship engines, bath chairs, and various IC-engines. As of 2014, the company ranked ninth of the top largest automobile manufacturers by a quantity of production all over the world. Its list of staff members tallies roughly 45,000 cadres from 35 manufacturing entities.

Today, Suzuki is the tenth best-selling automobile trademark of the world holding the third place in Japan. The company is one of the top 3 motor-bicycle manufacturers by volume of business in Japan.


Beginning to use wheel spacers, you can drive off-road more sustainably thanks to large wheel width.

In addition, your vehicle’s exterior stands to gain from it.

You receive a spacer bank including 1 pair of spacers and an adequate quantity of lug nuts.

1-inches ones by Spidertrax gets blue anodic treatment. 1.25-inches Trail-Tough spacers are aluminic. Trail-Gear anodized its ones by a black cover.


You can easily find Suzuki spacers using our guide. They have 4 or 5 lug bolts, that facilitate to choose the right bolt pattern. Our 2 search systems (vehicle and reserving) are at your fingertips.

Bolt pattern | Stud pattern:

This value identifies the lugs and the diam of the circle you image across their middles. Exemplary your Suzuki may have 5×4.5 inches bolt pattern. It means 5 lugs with 4.5-inch distance from one to another furthest lug. The second figure can identify in mm. The 4.5-inch diam is 114.3mm.

CB (Center Bore or Center Hole)

It’s easy for you to understand that the center bore is essential to the wheel centering. The hole seats in the wheel back-end. The ideal center hole size coincides with the wheel hub and allows you to fix the wheel in the center without unnecessary vibrations. In this case, we talk about hub centric wheels. Thanks to the adequate center hole these ones remove access pressure from lug nuts and extend it to the wheel central part. Otherwise, the wheels are lug centric, that’s why the whole load drops on the lug nuts. You need to tighten them properly so that they can do the centering mission.

If you prefer aftermarket tools pay attention to the center bore, which has to be the same or a little bit more than the hub.

Hubcentric rings solve the problem with a large center bore. Most often when you buy aftermarket wheels, you get them to reduce your center hole to the hub size. The manufacturers use alum or plastic to produce them.


Suzuki gets 55 Ft-lbs of torque. All other torque details you can find out from the clear instructions to your car. If you still have questions, you can always contact a Suzuki official representative for expert advice.

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