The Benefits of Using Wheel Spacers on Chevrolet Tahoe

The Chevy Tahoe is an aggressive, tough, bold and good-looking full-size SUV that has been in existence since 1991. Its aesthetics have always been menacing. However, if you wish to toughen your Chevrolet Tahoe a little further, there are wheel spacers and adapters available which allow you to widen your SUV’s wheels. In addition, they provide more clearance for larger wheels and brake rotors.

Wheel spacers also improve handling and increase the stability of your car. This is achieved by broadening the track. On top of setting your tires outwards, wheel adapters enable you to use customized wheels that have a different bolt pattern. There are plenty of offers with the excellent Chevy Tahoe spacers and adapters, relieving you of the tiresome process of searching for the best products.

Choosing Bolt Pattern & Thickness

You might come across an aftermarket rim whose center bore is oversized when compared to the wheel hub of your vehicle. If such a rim is installed, it will not be hub-centric. The gap that exists may be too small to notice with the naked eye. It could cause movement during rotation.

If your center bore has a larger outer diameter than the wheel hub’s inner diameter, hub-centric rings can be used to fill the gap and fix the loose fitment. Hub-centric rings such as the Project Kics Hub Centric Ring which come in different sizes and are built to meet your needs.

Hub centric rings also help in solving fitment problems where OEM rims are being switched between two different vehicle makes with different bolt patterns.

The washer method is cost-effective, straightforward and easy to carry out. It involves working on one wheel at a time. Once you’ve attained the correct thickness, order for the right wheel spacer and enjoy the ride once installed.

Installing Wheel Spacers on Chevrolet Tahoe

Step 1 – Preparation

Before getting into the nitty gritty, ensure that you’ve parked your car on a flat surface to prevent it from rolling. Chock the wheels form the side opposite to where you’ll start your installation. Engage the parking brake.

Step 2 – Remove the wheel

  1. Loosen all the lug nuts but don’t remove them
  2. Jack your Chevrolet Tahoe using a floor jack and remove the wheel.
  3. Take off all the loosened lug nuts.
  4. Take the wheel off.
  5. Lower the vehicle onto a jack stand.

Step 3 – Install the Spacer

  1. Install the wheel spacer onto the studs.
  2. Tighten the provided lug nuts onto the spacer in a star arrangement. Torque them similar to how you’d torque your wheel.
  3. Run a piece of paper or any other straightedge material across the holes through which you ran the nuts on the studs. It shouldn’t catch on the old studs. If it does, lower the face of the wheel spacer slightly or trim the stud flush. This allows the wheel to sit flush with the spacer.

Step 4 – Re-install the Wheel

Use the factory lug nuts to re-install your wheel. Tighten them in a star arrangement and torque them to factory spec.

Step 5 – Routine Checks

Carry out regular routine checks on the wheel lug nuts and spacer nuts to ensure that they are still torqued correctly. This can be done during oil changes. This leaves the truck safe to drive always.

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