dodge ram 3500 wheel spacers

Benefits Of Wheel Spacers For Dodge Ram 3500

The Dodge Ram first made its debut on the market around 1981 as it launched off. The Ram 3500 is a competitive vehicle as it outmatched the F-Series in the particular niche. The platform for the Ram is established on a foundation of the Chrysler model as it was used from medium-sized trucks and full-sized SUVs that were available. The Dodge Ram is on the domestic market as it rivaled against many other car manufacturers. The Dodge Ram in high demand for many import dealers.

When you are looking for Dodge Ram 3500 wheel spacers or the appropriate adapters, a myriad of digital shops will offer prices that cannot be matched. Whether you are looking for hub centric rings or the properly fitted lug nuts, the digital shop will offer competitive prices that cannot be beaten. The hub centric type of ring is always the best bet when looking for the best parts.

Wheel spacers for Dodge RAM 3500 dually

wheel spacers for dodge ram dually


Choosing The Correct Bolt Pattern And Thickness

You always need to pick the correct spacer so that it fits the particular amount of studs and pitch circle diameter. The wheel offset will occur and cause problems for the vehicle. A wheel offset will have to be fixed immediately with proper tools such as hub centric rings and washers.

There are universal spacers that are considered, but you should choose the precise fitment so that everything fits perfectly.

2009-2019 Dodge RAM wheel spacers

Tire (inch)Tire (metric)RimBolt Pattern
275/70R1833x10.80-188Jx18 ET438x165.1
285/60R2033x11.20-20 8Jx20 ET558x165.1
LT235/80R176Jx17 ET1368x165.1
265/70R1732x10.40-178Jx17 ET428x165.1
285/55R2133x11.20-218.5Jx21 ET508x165.1
305/50R2234x12-229Jx22 ET458x165.1

1/4″ / 130mm


1/2″ / 130mm


2.00″ / 50mm


3″ / 130mm

8 lug wheel spacers with perfect fitment
8 lug wheel spacers
8x6.5” (8x165.1mm) Bolt Pattern, 2 Inch Thick 9/16” Studs for 2009-2019 Dodge RAM

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If The Vehicle Has Lug Nuts Already

If the vehicle has lug nuts and studs which come out from the hub than washers will be placed on each stud so that stripping does not occur. You do not want to rush into things so make sure to put a couple of washers on each lug so that you can get a tight fit. You will need to test the stock wheels and be watchful of the caliper clearance. Do not rotate those custom wheels because it will damage any new parts that you have purchased.

The leveling kit will help deal with the caliper situation. Keeping stock wheels and custom wheels without any damage is the best bet. If you have had clearance issues on any particular break than thickness will have to be dealt with and added so that the caliper cleares properly.

The leveling kit can also be used to fix the thickness problem. Many might be thinking how much clearance is enough? The answer is about 1 to 3 millimeters of thickness. The wheel needs bolting to the required torque so that the clearance is altered.

You should always know that adding the particular spacer will help to clear the interference from rubbing fenders while fixing each caliper. The tire combo pushes closer to rubbing fenders which would be an unfortunate incident.


Installing Wheel Spacers For Dodge Ram 3500

Installing wheel spacers is an arduous process to many but a simple task if you think it through. The spacers will be placed flat against the hub as it begins bolting into the wheel — the lug nut positioned on the very top of the stud and tightened until everything is in place.

dodge ram 3500 wheel spacers ram wheel spacers adjustment

The lug nuts should not be tightened all the way because damage to spacers can lead to problems. The torque wrench is considered the best bet as you need to make life easier. If the steering wheel is vibrating or anything bad is felt, it is best to redo the spacers so that things run smoothly again. Removing the said spacers will do wonders as it fixes the problem.