The Best wheel spacers

Standard tires will certainly let you not to lose control on a flat track and perform well.
But if you want to upgrade vehicle performance on a rough road, you can’t be without wide tires. In addition, you improve the appearance of the car.

With their help, tires become wider, providing a high capacity level and trim.

Moreover, using wheel spacers you improve suspender and adhesive force. Therefore, it is important to choose high-quality adequate wheel spacers that are suitable for your vehicle.

There are 2 types of people: first, don’t appreciate the full benefits of wheel spacers whereas others actively use them.

It’s clear that you want to find out ideally-suited wheel spacers for your vehicle’s wheels. And we have highly rated ones for you to offer. Hereafter you can see the list of the most popular spacers we have compiled and you can choose the appropriate model for your car.

With a view to simplifying the reading, we separate the spacers by manufacturers and types. We are sure you find your position.

The best 8 lug wheel spacers

8 lug wheel spacers: sizes and fitment chart

If you want to expand the track of the car or to add more clearance, pay attention to the following 8 lug spacers. They give you more options, for example, you can make a dual track from your single one. They also allow you to find a room for wider tires.

To cope with the task it’s enough to get 4 spacers for the front wheels and 3 ones for the rear wheels. This upgrading makes it possible to improve the stability and other features of single tracks to the level of dual ones.

The most in-demand type of spacers is 2-inches eight lug spacers. These spacers allow you to install tires up to 13.50 wide, which, in fact, hit the spot of almost all drivers. The undoubted advantage of these spacers is the ability to make an individual size for your car.

8 X 170
8 X 200
8 X 225
8 X 275
8 X 6.5

The bolt pattern or PCD involves 2 values, such as the number of bolts (in this case we have 8 ones) and the lug diameter.

How To Measure 8 Lug Bolt Patterns

To find the correct 8 lug bolt pattern or PCD, you need to measure the distance between the two farthest studs. Importantly, the interval should exactly pass through the lug spacer center, and its tangent points are in the middle of the studs.

Bolt Pattern Torque Sequence Specifications: 1, 8, 4, 6, 2, 7, 3, 5
Note: Install the billet wheels with a torque spanner for right installation. Make sure your measurements comply with your auto’s manual guidelines.

General recommendations by stud size in Ft/Lbs: 12mm = 70-80, 7/16 = 55-65, 1/2 = 75-85, 14mm = 85-95, 9/16 = 95-115, 5/8 = 135-145.

Remember to do double-check after at least 50-100 first miles (about 120-150 km).


Top 8 lug wheel spacers for cars and trucks review

4″ wheel spacers heavy duty 8 lug 8×6.5

8 lug 8x6.5 wheel spacers

These spacers get T6061 billet alum makeup and provide 10.9 resistance to rupture, outstanding with its broad utility.

In the concrete, the use of 8 lug spacers is a simple and cheap way to turn your single truck into a double one. You need to install 4-inch parts on fore-wheels while using 3-inch parts on backward wheels. This helps to get closer to double truck performance.

You can use 2-inch ones for adequate accommodation of new large tires.

You can’t buy an odd number of spacers or 1 spacer, because the makers package them only by 2 pieces.

4”-wide spacers provide 8×6.5 and 8x170mm lug patterns in order to comply with 8 lug autos expect 05- later Superduty Dually truck.

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4pcs 2 inch 8 Lug Wheel Spacers Adapters 8×6.5 for Chevy Dodge Ram 9/16″ Studs8 lug 2 inch wheel spacers


  • Provide only high-class aerospace alum
  • Allow adding the room between the wheel and the hub
  • Make an aggressive appearance and an imposing air of your vehicle.
  • Give the possibility to boost control performance
  • Meet requirements as durable, tight-fitting and upscale parts
  • Minimize wheel or tire friction
  • Suits for installing larger wheels
  • Improve high-speed stability and road property
  • Allow installing under any conditions
  • Come cheap as the tire installation. It’s enough to have a wheel but wrench and ram.


Number: 4pcs in 2 pairs
Width: 2-inch for every peace
Axle Seat diameter: 126.15mm
Car Lug Pattern: 8×6.5 inches or 8×165.1 mm
Wheel Lug Pattern: 8×6.5 inches or 8×165.1 mm
Thread Interval: 9/16 inches

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ECCPP 4PCS 2″ Wheel Spacers Adapters Super Duty Excursion Truck 14×1.5 Studs

Did you know what is ECCPP Wheel Spacer Adapter, anyway? You heard about it if you have a Ford truck. When it’s time to swop wheel guns you need to do it with all the rims. It’s easy to recommend you ECCPP spacers as the first choice of pretty much manufacturers at the auto market.

Wheel spacers are simple to install and look stylish. Don’t just walk past, even if you own a large-size vehicle. Spacers make the riding comfortable and safe, and your car becomes more maneuverable and readable.

Features and Specifications:

  • Buying the spacers, you get 4 pieces in order to install all parts at once.
  • They have 125mm diameter of hub hole and 2-inch width way.
  • The parts get 6061-T6 Aerospace Alum ensuring lasting quality.
  • They get 60° bulge lug nuts with conoidal form and 32 x CNC nuts automatically.
  • The forging studs have 10.9 in durability
  • Their lug pattern is 8×170 or 14×2.0, and 14×1.5 of the screw thread.

Pros & Cons

  • Details stand the heavy loading
  • The parts are superior in quality excellent and fit almost all Ford Trucks
  • As a result, auto performance improves
  • Ask a bottom man to install the pieces for proper position
  • Nuts are short, making installation difficult


RockTrix 2pcs 2 inch Hubcentric Wheel Spacers – 8×170 Bolt Pattern with 14×1.5 Studs (Fine Threads)

Fits: Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, Commander
Material: T6 aluminum

By analogy with the previous ones, these wheel spacers work well with the Grand Cherokee, the Wrangler or the Commander truck. They also have T6 alum make, but, at the same time, are more budget-friendly.

The wheel spacer cutting is so much accurate so that during your driving the pressure divides up between all parts of the wheel. Thus, you can prolong the use period of details.

On top of that, the manufacturer adds mounting lug nuts to the spacers set. They match perfectly to the pieces, which helps to simplify the installation process. We guarantee you an imposing air of your wheels. You can use these spacers to swap out for the large auto wheels without any problems.

This model fits the newish vehicles after 2009.

Pros & Cons

  • Thoroughbred spacers provide firm quality control by makers
  • The parts are simple to operate for starters using elaborate service instructions
  • Comes with a detailed user manual
  • The central bead offset is 71.5mm in length fitting tight to rim
  • We don’t recommend installing overly large tires, due to breaking risk of the bearings


The best 6 lug wheel spacers


6 lug wheel spacers: sizes and fitment chart

6 Lug Patterns vary in sizes:

6 X 115
6 X 127
6 X 132
6 X 135
6 X 4.5
6 X 5
6 X 5.5
6 X 8.75

A 6 Lug Pattern or PCD determines the stud number (6 pieces) and a central bolt circle intercept.

How To Measure 6 Lug Bolt Patterns

Choose 2 studs place opposite one another and find their centers. It should be an equidistant point to the concyclic points. Then sketch the right line from one point to another. It’s your lug bolt diam.

Bolt Pattern Torque Sequence Specifications: 1, 6, 4, 2, 5, 3
Note: Be sure to read carefully your car’s manual instructions. If you have alloy wheels, prepare a torque wrench for right torque reduction.

General recommendations by stud size in Ft/Lbs: 12mm = 70-80, 7/16 = 55-65, 1/2 = 75-85, 14mm = 85-95, 9/16 = 95-115, 5/8 = 135-145.

While riding, the car can shift the necessary torque values, so recheck them then you drive from 50 to 100 miles.


Top 6 lug wheel spacers for cars and trucks review

ECCPP 6 lug Wheel Spacers Adapters 4X 1.25″(32mm) 6×5.5

Fits: GMC, Chevrolet, Cadillac
Material: T6 aluminum

If you own GMC, Chevrolet or Cadillac, make liberal use of ECCPP spacers. These spacers deal with North American vehicles and get various colors and sizes.

The manufacturers allow you to buy spacers in amounts of 2 or 4 parts according to the number of wheels you want to upgrade.

Moreover, due to the special durable T6 alum construction, the spacers don’t suffer corrosion for a long time. Also, it works if you over grease your spacers by hydraulic brake oil. For your convenience, the manufacturer guarantees fast delivery and quality packaging to prevent the deformation of spacers.

More than this, the manufacturer prudently puts in your order all the necessary accessories for quick installation. And in fact, it’s easy and fast. You don’t need to consult an expert and save your money.

Notwithstanding the compatibility with the above auto marks and models, double check against your car.

Pros & Cons

  • Exacting precision of CNC machining
  • High corrosion and rust stability
  • 2 or 4 spacers in a set to buy
  • No user instructions for installation
  • Not for severe conditions use because of delicate studs


Supreme Suspensions – 4pc 2″ Hub Centric Wheel Spacers for 1999-2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 2WD 4WD 6×5.5″ 

Fits: Chevy Silverado 1500
Material: T6 aluminum

Supreme Suspensions manufacturer is famous for its top-quality spacers. The new T6 alum model is highly competitive with the previous ones being long-wearing and hard. This model fits the only piece of an auto market such as the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 truck. The maker produces it from 1999 to nowadays. However, you can choose among various colors and 2 sizes (1.5-inch and 2-inch ones) according to the offset value you want.

On top of that, they guarantee the easiest installation thanks to a lower key version of bolts. But this has no impact on 5-stars durability and high quality of wheel spacers.

If you choose to go with these spacers, it’s the to totally right call in order to upgrade your Chevrolet.

Be careful while over-tightening the bolts due to the breakage risk.

Pros & Cons

  • Colour and size variations allow you to find out your unique fitment.
  • Simple bolt system
  • Fits solely Chevrolet Silverado 1500 truck
  • Doesn’t have hub centering even though the maker proves otherwise.


6X5.5 Wheel Spacers Fit for Toyota, KSP Forged 1″(25mm)

Fits: Toyota and Lexus
Material: T6 aluminum

KSP produced these spacers for Toyota and Lexus autos. The manufacturer understands the owners of Toyota and Lexus settle with less than the best so it guarantees a close fitting of the bolts and performance features. More than that they offer 3 sizes from 1.25-inch to 1.5-inch for you to choose your own model.

The T6 alum spacers are typically 5-star strong and rust proof which increases the lifespan of parts.

The model is so hard to withstand the high specs of large wheels torque. Wheel spacers come with lug nuts in order to facilitate the installation

Sound to the bottom of your vehicle maker’s recommendations within the torque section before buying these parts

Pros & Cons

  • Preset lug bolts are in the set
  • The variety of styles and sizes
  • CNC machining for accuracy in measurement
  • Granting of a 2-year guarantee
  • Matches only Toyota & Lexus


Goplus 4PC 2″ 6×5.5 Wheel Spacer Adapter

Fits: Silverado, Cadillac, GMC
Material: Aluminum alloy

Spacers fit almost all Silverado, Cadillac and GMC models being 5.5-inch in wheel hub diameter. They have an obvious advantage over competitors thanks to their low cost. In fact, these ones compare poorly in top design at the auto market. But they provide high-level pressure distribution achievable by a 6-hole system.

Well, it isn’t a draw-back. Due to a large number of studs, spacers fit more closely than ones with fewer holes. High-grade aluminum withstands corrosion, vibration while riding and high torque. If the number of bolts and the size of the central hole fit your vehicle, safely choose these spacers.

But the main advantage of these spacers is their 2-inch width, which shifts your wheels more than the standard 1.5-inch ones. You can save the money and not buy large wheels, as spacers guarantee a sporty appearance.

Pros & Cons

  • Not have so high cost as competitors offer
  • 2-inch width to offset
  • Matches almost all Silverado, Cadillac, and GMC models
  • 6-star sporty appearance and at the same time durable and hard
  • Damaging risk the lug bolts at the time you over right them
  • Bargain for lack of manufacturer’s recommendations


The best 4 lug wheel spacers

4 lug wheel spacers: sizes and fitment chart

4 X 85
4 X 90
4 X 98
4 X 100
4 X 108 (4 X 4.25)
4 X 110
4 X 112
4 X 115
4 X 130
4 X 137
4 X 140
4 X 143
4 X 144
4 X 150
4 X 156
4 X 166
4 X 3.75
4 X 4
4 X 4.25 (4 X 108)
4 X 4.5 (4 X 114.3)

4 Lug Pattern or PCD is a measurement that is a prerequisite for buying and adequate installation of wheel spacers. You need to know the number of bolts and the value of the circle diameter.


How To Measure 4 Lug Bolt Patterns

Build your measurements on the distance between the diagonal bolts. At the same time, place the reference roulette beginning exactly from lug centers.

Bolt Pattern Torque Sequence Specifications: 1, 3, 2, 4

Note: Prepare tools of necessity such as torque setting type torque wrench to avoid the bolt over tightening.

Be sure to read the instructions for your car in order to compare the real torque parameter with the recommended value.

General recommendations by stud size in Ft/Lbs: 12mm = 70-80, 7/16 = 55-65, 1/2 = 75-85, 14mm = 85-95, 9/16 = 95-115, 5/8 = 135-145

Recheck the torque value as soon as you expand beyond 60-100 km limit.

Most reliable 4 lug wheel spacers

Summit Performance 2.0″ Ez Go Ezgo Club Car Golf Cart Wheel Spacers

We suggest you try Summit Performance Ez Go Ezgo Club Car Golf Cart Wheel Spacers, which combine the top quality and low price. It’s a good analog for expensive parts.

If you want to get extra clearance for your auto, but you can’t afford high-cost pieces, Summit Performance produces these spacers for you.

The manufacturer gains a reputation as a reliable and steady maker. It uses the most durable heat treat materials in-process.

Features and Specifications:

You get 2 wheel spacers with 2.0-inch thickness using for Fits Ezgo and Club Car golf carts. The maker has the foresight to provide the heat treatment of 6061-T6 alum. This can protect the parts from breakage and corrosion.

The spacers have 4×101.6mm of lug pattern and 8 lug nuts in the package. The parts get 2.7-inch or 68.5mm center hole, 8 OEM standard studs, and ½ – 20 threads. They help to add the 4.0-inch width to your vehicle wheels.


  • Price-quality trade-off
  • Durability and hardness
  • CNC machining of metal construction
  • USA production with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Not for Yamaha carts
  • Chinese counterfeiting of spacers

2″ (1″ Per Side) ATV Wheel Spacers Polaris Ranger Sportsman Predator

You buy these spacers in the amount of 2 pieces. They increase the distance between the wheels on the one axis. This makes it possible to improve the appearance of each wheel, getting the same look of 4 wheels with 2 parts.

The maker tests its spacers by hands and mechanical method to avoid fast damaging and worn-out state while riding on bad road conditions.

Highlighted Features:

  • Automatic development with alum finisher
  • Aerospace grade aluminum performance
  • US production
  • You need only 2 pieces to offset all your wheel
  • Station downtime bolts

The best 5 lug wheel spacers guide

5 lug wheel spacers: sizes and fitment chart

5 X 98
5 X 100
5 X 108 (5 X 4.25)
5 X 110
5 X 112
5 X 115
5 X 120
5 X 127 (5 X 5)
5 X 130
5 X 135
5 X 150
5 X 155
5 X 4
5 X 4.25 (5 X 108)
5 X 4.5 (5 X 114.3)
5 X 4.75
5 X 5 (5 X 127)
5 X 5.5
5 X 6.5

A 5 Lug Bolt Pattern (PCD) deals with the number of studs (now we mean 5 pieces) and the line connects 2 antipodal points.


How To Measure 5 Lug Bolt Patterns

To find 5 lug wheel bolt patterns you start from a stud center (choose any detail, they are identical) and gauge the interval from it to the outer boundary of the far stud. Be careful, the measurement shouldn’t go through the center hole. So you have a spec, so-called a lug pattern diameter.

Bolt Pattern Torque Sequence Specifications: 1, 3, 5, 2, 4

Note: Your vehicle’s instruction has specific rules to ensure adequate torque. Use a torque wrench to install it.

General recommendations by stud size in Ft/Lbs: 12mm = 70-80, 7/16 = 55-65, 1/2 = 75-85, 14mm = 85-95, 9/16 = 95-115, 5/8 = 135-145

You keep out of trouble when you check the torque spec one more time on 100-150 km of riding.

Most reliable 5 lug wheel spacers brands

Rugged Ridge 15201.05 Anodized Wheel Spacer

Editor’s Rating:

Fits: Universal
Material: T6 aluminum

High universality is the primary benefit of the spacers by Rugged Ridge. It’s possible thanks to a 5-inch diameter of the hub. More than that, the manufacturer produces its spacers using new CNC machining trail-and-error design. So it offers the extremely accurate bore for 1.5-inch wheel offset.

These spacers get Grade-8 structural resistance, which allows installing too large wheels without performance degradation. Don’t trouble about the long life of your spacers, the maker provides a 5-year guarantee for this model.

It’s easy to recommend these pieces as the best wheel spacers for your truck adding the competitive price level.


  • Sharp price
  • 5 years of guarantee
  • Grade-8 structural resistance. Fits with large wheels.


  • Specific lug nut form, which doesn’t comply with all the vehicles

The manufacturer produces spacers for vehicles with 5-inch hub after all.

RockTrix for Precision European – 4pc 2″ Thick Jeep Hubcentric 5×5 Wheel Spacers

These spacers get only 2-inch thickness in order to fit the jeep wheel and alike ones. If you are one of the jeep owners who want to update both the performance and the appearance choose them. And it’s a cheaper way than buying the large wheels. You can see equal results for less.

But that’s not all, you use only a few tools during the installation. However, we still recommend you not to realize it by yourself. Rely on real professionals for better results.

You can buy the parts in 2 pieces which allow your vehicle to be the only one.

Features and Specifications:

  • 2-inch thickness pieces give the 4-inch truck width
  • They warranty individual appearance of the vehicle thanks to the procurability in a pair
  • Using aerospace alum allows claiming the high-class status.
  • CNC machining technology in the producing process
  • Spacers don’t let you feel the slightest vibration during the fast-speed riding.
  • The presence of a lip in the hub centers the wheel adequately


The parts let the vehicle appearance and performance move to a new level
The maker selects the high-grade materials
Bolt system is at its highest pitch


  • Only expert installation
  • The excessive wear of alum lugs
  • The mandatory recheck every 20-50 miles


Spidertrax S2PWHS010 Wheel Spacer Kit

This model by Spidertrax has adducible features such as facilitate installation without expert skills and high upgrading of almost all productivity metrics. And you get the stylish outside look after all. It’s a simple way of upgrading for a 2007 or newer jeep-like models.

Moreover, as soon as you get behind the wheel, you will feel excellent control. This allows calling the model one of the best wheel spacers.

Features and Specifications:

  • The spacers have 1.5-inch width for every wheel axle
  • The parts comply with 2007 – 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK, 2006 – 2010 Commander XK, 2005 – 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK, and 1999 – 2004 Grand Cherokee WJ 2 spacers, 10 preset proof studs, 10 lug nuts, and a thread-locker are inside the scope of supply.
  • Using deep-blue double anodic treatment avoids corrosion and deformations.
  • Spacers provide a construction fits rims exactly
  • The pieces have US original design


  • Excellent stock for top properties
  • Using the latest airframe technologies
  • Fit almost all jeeps
  • The classical model at the auto market


  • Short studs create a nuisance during installation
  • The set is more expensive than analogs


RockTrix for Precision European – 4pc 2″ Thick Wheel Spacers

The maker of these spaces implements you with a whole package for you to install the parts by yourself. The strongest and the most lightweight aerospace alum differs in top-quality and life duration.

RockTrix for Precision European Wheel Spacers matches about 6 different models. They can underline the strong literary style of your auto.

It also enhances the auto tolerance and wheeling specs.

Features and Specifications:
In the package, you find 4 2-inch width wheel spacers with 5×5.5 (5×139.7) PCD, 108-mm hub hole, and 9/16×18-inch studs.

If you are a happy owner of 2007 – 2009 Chrysler Aspen, 2004 – 2010 Dodge Dakota, 2005 – 2010 Dodge Dakota, 1999 – 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Van, 1994 – 2010 Dodge Ram 1500, and Mitsubishi ones with 5×5.5-inch lug pattern, we highly recommend you to obtain the whole set.

The T6 aerospace alum parts get CNC technology

The anodic two-coat method makes the protective covering on details

There are 10.9-grade studs on the spacers


  • Strongness of metals and durability of engineering
  • Easy to buy because of the reasonable price
  • A new level of design and performance features


  • The lugs can repeatedly get out of the spacers
  • It’s better to delegate the installation to the expert


Titan Wheel Accessories 4pc 1″ (25mm) Hubcentric Wheel Spacers

Titan Wheel Accessories offers its Hubcentric Wheel Spacers to the jeep enthusiasts.

Unlike most of the wheel spacers, these ones get titanium endurance. They work unchangeably even on a rough road in all meteorological conditions.

Having a complete set of parts and additional tools, you install spacers in any place you choose. You don’t need to spend money on consulting with mechanics. If you redeem the time and money, these spacers are ”must-have” for you.

Features and Specifications:

  • The 1-inch width spacers generate a 5×5 (5x127mm) vehicle lug pattern and the same wheel PCD.
  • Their wheel center hole measures 71.5 in mm and ½x20-inch screw pitch
  • The 4-spacer weight is not more than 14.4 lbs.
  • Easy installation thanks to 7-8 tightenings of every bolt.
  • The pieces fit with 1999 – 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee (WJ and WK), 2006 – 2010 Jeep Commander (XK), and 2006 – 2017 Jeep Wrangler (JK)


  • The spacers allow facilitating the bolt tightening
  • Using the parts gives a cool look to jeeps
  • The maker offers adequate price and the high quality at the same time


  • The parts comply only with the jeeps
  • You use the same stud quantity.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Wheel Spacers?

Things to know before buying wheel spacers

First, you should imply the model and mark of your auto, pitch-circle diameter, spacer width, screw pitch, hud diam, and center hole diam.

If you don’t know the exact measurements of the foregoing parts, choose the universal one. But if your center bore has 114 mm and 5 holes you need to find precisely the same spacers.

Keep track of your own budget limit and spacers’ brand credibility. Did you know how dangerous it may be for your life to buy low-quality and counterfeit spacers? Therefore, we review spacers by proven sires.

Not least important is your ability to install the spacers single-handedly. If you do this for the first time, we strongly recommend you to employ the professional’s services for the correct installation.

Spacer width

First of all, when you choose a wheel spacer, pay attention to its size, or rather its thickness. You should understand the width can vary from one auto to another. Don’t think you can take a random shot and choose an adequate size without appropriate measurements. Shut your ears to other people’s opinion even if they do it with success because any measuring error costs dear.

Look at the simple and foolproof method of correct spacer selection. It involves the use of hardware washers. They provide several sizes. Do not choose standoff, plastic or lock washers. You need smooth ones.

More than that the washers should have ample dimensions for wheel studs and bolts to reach through. At this stage, they are makeshifts of the auto’s ideal spacers. You can’t immediately pick the right washers, so prepare various washers. The good thing here is that you may reuse these parts from now forth.

Place the same number of washers on each stud. Screw the wheel and check how tight it is. Be careful, don’t allow the brake caliper clearance while you append the next washer.

As soon as you determine the quantity and the size of washers you need you can accurately measure the wheel spacers size. However, you may need more than one spacer size in particular cases. For example, on trucks, it is better to install wider spacers, especially for a long, rough road. But don’t lean over backward making the spacers too thick. There is a risk to damage the vehicle parts.

Determine your Lug-pattern (PCD)

The PCD or pitch (bolt) circle diam is a caliber of a circular curve the wheel lugs midpoints form. Various lug patterns are in use but the 4, 5, 6, and 8 lug bores are the most widespread among them. We illustrate in a diagram the important point for you to measure the lug pattern.

How To Measure Wheel Bolt Pattern

EVEN-lug-number: Choose any lug and gauge the distance of it from the opposite one.

ODD-bolt-number: Choose any lug and gauge the distance of its center from the OUTSIDE EDGE of the outermost one.

Hub Center Bore

Hub Center Bore or Hole means the wheel opening and is necessary to balance the wheel on the vehicle hob. Most wheel manufacturers produce large central holes. This helps to expand the number of vehicles is worthy of the wheel.

If applicable to you, make use of hub rings. They run in low-plasticity or metal shapes and go between the wheel and the rest of the auto. Such alignment helps to center the wheel adequately without a high probability of running out. Moreover, the usage of hub rings preserves your vehicle from unnecessary vibration keeping it safe and secure.

Thread Pitch

You need to measure a distance in mm covers the 10 threads of the bolt. After that, you divide this value by 10. Let us say you have 12.5mm on distance X like in the diagram. Your thread pitch calculation is 12.5mm/10=1.25mm. The value of 1.25mm and 1.5mm is peculiar to the most of thread pitches.


As contrasted with the size of the spacers, you can choose them depending on your expectations of vehicle appearance. Your car may provide a classic design or imposing air.

According to your choice, you select the necessary market segment. Remember that all-wheel parts should fit the appearance of your car and mix together.

Nuts or bolts?

In fact, it is not so important by what means the maker fixes the wheel: nuts or lugs. Manufacturers use both methods equally well. They are fairly similar. You can choose any manner of fastening. Tend to the details that are easier to install and look better.

Hub centric and lug centric?

Hub centric design

Nowadays hub centric wheels are high usage on the auto market. Their center hole falls neatly the center of the wheel. This helps to accommodate the load between the vehicle parts which contributes to adequate balance. The vehicle with hub centric wheels provides specified standard cone system adding to almost all auto governors.

Lug centric

These aftermarket wheels also have a center hole. But, unlike the previous ones, the holes are not their operational centers. A cone mounting system is responsible for their balance, which in turn goes to make up the wheel balancing.

It is possible to install the wheels the right way round, but it doesn’t mean they will center without a hitch. In this case, the entire pressure falls on the lug pattern.

Steel vs Alloy

Steel Wheel Spacers

It’s notorious that steel is a strong material, enduring high stress, such as rough road and extreme weather conditions. These wheel parts are large and hard.

Therefore almost all overweight vehicles, including SUVs and trucks get the steel wheel spacers. They usually come fitted with steel rims in order to install in one go.

Off-road steel spacers last longer if automotive manufacturers use high-grade steel for their producing. Not least important is steel corrosion stability. Think with this feature while you are choosing the rim spacers.

As a result, your truck gets increasing wheel distance to resist a load. So, the use of steel spacers is economically sound doing the work for the long run for your truck.

The way rim spacers bolt to the vehicle axle it influences the lug pattern spec. With the bolt pattern, you can change the width of your truck if the wheel details are too large.

Steel spacers solve safety problems while driving and improve vehicle maneuverability. In fact, this is only possible if you take a crack of correct installation. Otherwise, batten down the hatches.

Aluminum Wheel Spacers

Aluminum ones last longer thanks to high corrosion resistance, much more so than steel rim spacers do. In addition, they are lightweight and tenacious at the same time. These features allow the parts to get to the sports car market. Using these spacers you can not worry they let you down during intensive competitions.

With its undoubted advantages, aluminum spacers have only one gripe aside. This is a high cost. But in other properties, they are just as well or better than steel parts. And if we take into account the appearance of the aluminum spacers, they are far ahead of the above ones. Alum spacers can enhance the dynamics of sports design adding more performance. More than this, their use simplifies the expanding the auto wheelbase.

Why do I need spacers?

Wheel Spacers are the best solution to:

  • Increasing the performance
  • Upgrading the vehicle appearance
  • Fitting large-size wheels


Wheel spacers guarantee the security, aren’t they?

Well, the spacers are a good choice if they get a correct installation. In fact, spacer mounting error (not the spacer on its own) provokes an improper offset, and, as a result, an accident on the road.

But when all the parts work adequately with the right pressure distribution, your vehicle is fully safe.

Does the wheel spacers set the vehicle in vibration?

During the riding, pay attention to the sounds or sensations. Do you notice something new? When using universal spacers, you almost always get vibrations. In my practice, there is a case when the driver applies the brakes and feels vibrations at the same time. The feelings disappear after the dismantling of wheel spacers.