ford mustang wheel spacers

Lovers of Mustang know that this beauty is one of the world’s classic cars ever since 1965. The car still makes excellent sales in the car industry today. As of 2013, the American Automaker’s of the Mustang designed the sixth generation, 2015 model. This particular design comes with a broad and low exterior. It also has the new grille, and buyers can choose a variety of colors that fit their style.

These colors make it a favorite amongst buyers. A unique feature about the Mustang is its speed which gives the best drift during racing. Thankfully because of these unique features, there is an option to equip this car with custom wheels to enhance the performance of the vehicle.

Ford Mustang 2015-2019

Adjustments of the wheels with spacers

TireRim1/2″1 inch2 inches
235/55R177.5Jx17 ET37.5ET24.7ET11.9ET-12.5
235/50ZR188Jx18 ET40ET27.2ET14.4ET-10
255/40ZR198.5Jx19 ET42.5ET29.7ET16.9ET-7.5
255/40ZR199Jx19 ET45ET32.2ET19.4ET-5
255/40ZR19 /
9Jx19 ET45 /
9.5Jx19 ET52.5
ET32.2 / ET39.7ET19.4 / ET26.9ET-5 / ET2.5
305/30R1910.5Jx19 ET24 /
11Jx19 ET48
ET11.2 / ET35.2ET-1.6 / ET22.4ET-26 / ET-2
265/35ZR209Jx20 ET42.5ET29.7ET16.9ET-7.5

1/4″  Wheel spacers


3/8″  Wheel spacers

1/2″  Wheel spacers


1 inch  Wheel spacers


1.25″  Wheel spacers

2 inch Wheel spacers

Ford Mustang 1994-2014

What to consider when buying Mustang Wheel Spacers

The wheel spacers are designed to improve performance and handling as well as in other areas like the flush stance. Before purchasing this potent tool, here’s what you need to gain:

For newbies, it might seem confusing when the issue of wheel offsets are mentioned, but the truth is its just about negative and positive numbers. The Ford Mustang stock wheels have the offset between 40mm and 50mm.

If you want to adjust the spacing of your wheels to about 30mm, that means you would be thinking of getting rid of the extra spacing. If you’re going to do this accurately, you need to know the actual measurement of your wheel offset and know the size of the wheel spacer that goes with it. Your wheel spacer can be 1 inch or 1.5 inches which when converted is equivalent to 25mm and 35 mm respectively. You can use the wheel spacers to adjust the offset to get the best performance for your car.

What type of wheel spacer to get on Mustang

It is best to use a hub centric spacer for your wheels. This is because all you would require are the lug nuts to put the spacers in position. The hub centric rings will fit well with the diameter of the axle hub for a perfect fit. Also, ensure that the spacer has a little distance instead of an exact distance to prevent rubbing fenders. You can get different sizes and types of Ford Mustang wheel spacers and adapters.

Wheel Spacers installation

Another thing you need to know is installing wheel spacers on your Ford Mustang. It is important to remember that when you detach the calipers from the rotor, the breaks should not be touched. Doing this will cost you to have to visit your nearest auto repairer to get a broken piston compressing tool. It is always advisable to have friends around when doing the installation. This also allows you to get through the installation process much faster than when you do it alone.

To install the wheel spacer, you would first of all have to remove the wheels and then take off the bolts using a 15mm socket. After that, you would take off the caliper and support it with anything. The rotor goes off too and then with a stud conversation leveling kit you can remove all the five studs. Put new studs to replace the ones that you took off one by one until it placed adequately and you’re unable to turn the socket wrench. After the studs are installed, you can then return the caliper and then install the spacer. Finally, you place the wheels back in its proper position and repeat the same process for the other side. You also repeat this same process when installing the front wheel spacers.

Mustang Wheel Spacers Before and After

Here’s how it looks with 20 mm spacers: