jeep cherokee wheel spacers

The Benefits of Using Wheel Spacers on Jeep Cherokee

Wheel spacers are machine-cut metal inserts that are carefully affixed between the hub face and the wheel. They keep the hub face and the wheel further apart. Spacers can be used to improve the appearance of a car, boost its performance or improve its stability.

For cars with plus size tires and wheels, they also maximize the clearance between the tire and the fender well. In addition to adding some extra aesthetic value, wheels that are tucked further inside also augment the car’s handling capability. Spacers are easy to install and are usually made of steel or aluminum.


Choosing Bolt Pattern and Thickness

Choosing a spacer with the right width can be a challenging task. When adjusting existing wheels, it’s best to measure the gap between the inner fender lip and the outermost part of the tire. This provides a rough idea of how much distance you can add to the spacing.

A substantial gap is required between the tire and the fender lip. This is because the tire deflects when loaded. When buying new spacers to be used on new wheels, the safest approach is to first take note of the offset and width of the new wheels and compare it to that of the existing wheels.

If the new wheels are of similar size but offset 10 millimeters further inboard than the existing wheels, it’s best to run a spacer of similar size (10 mm) to restore the car’s appearance and equalize the distance. If the replacement wheels are wider than the existing wheel, the newly added distance must be taken into account for safe spacing.

If possible, first fit the new wheels and take note of the measurements. This allows you to order the right spacers that fit well. Check the bolt pattern of your spacers while at it. Spacers are usually bolt-pattern specific.

Installing Wheel Spacers on Jeep Cherokee

If you wish to mount large tires or wheels without experiencing any rubbing, our wheel spacer kits are exactly what you need. They not only eliminate rubbing but also boost stability and give your car that aggressive stance.

They are easy to install and take more or less the same time it would take to change a tire.

  1. Wedge the vehicle to prevent it from moving and jack it up.
  2. Remove the wheel nuts, then the tire and wheel. If there are factory retaining clips present, they should be removed to allow the spacer to sit flat on the rotor surface. Failure to do so could cause tire/wheel vibration.
  3. Install the spacers as shown below.
  4. Strictly follow the manufacturer specifications while reinstalling the wheel and tightening the wheel nuts.

Have your wheels re-torqued periodically and other components inspected visually during regular vehicle servicing.

Jeep Cherokee Mods with Wheel Spacers: Before & After (Pics)

1.5” spacers