Jeep Patriot Wheel Spacers

The Benefits of Using Wheel Spacers on Jeep Patriot

Wheel spacers are machine-cut devices built to widen the distance between your vehicle’s hub face and its wheel. They are used to either improve a vehicle’s look or increase its fender well clearance where plus size tires or wheels have been installed. Moving your wheels further away from the respective hub faces boosts performance and adds stability. The extra tweak to your vehicle’s visual appeal adds onto the enhanced handling capability. Spacers are affordable, quick and easy to install and are available in aluminum or steel.

Choosing Bolt Pattern & Thickness

Deciding on the best spacer thickness that meets your needs can be a hard task. A spacer that is too thin will leave your wheel rubbing off with the brake caliper. One that is too thick, on the other hand, will leave your tires rubbing off with the fenders. That which comes with the right thickness provides the perfect clearance on both sides.

Spacers vary widely. Their thickness spans from about 1/8” to more than 1”. We have stocked these and other varieties. Finding the most appropriate size is crucial as a slight difference could lead to a lousy fitment.

We try to recommend spacers of the highest quality. They cater for a variety of needs and include Sparco Wheel Spacers and the Eibach Pro-Spacer Kit for multiple models and makes; the Rugged Ridge Wheel Spacer Kit and the Supreme Suspensions Pro-Billet Series Wheel Spacer Set for trucks and SUVs; the Crown’s Wheel Spacer built exclusively for Jeeps and universal-fit spacers such as Mr. Gasket Silver Aluminum Wheel Spacers, the Dorman Wheel Spacer and the Baer Polished Billet Aluminum Wheel Spacers.

Installing Wheel Spacers on Jeep Patriot

Wheel spacers are metal devices usually made from aluminum that are fitted onto the wheel studs to push the wheel further outwards. Loctite is typically used to secure the spacer lug nuts to the threads found on the studs. Lug nuts are then torqued to the manufacturer’s specifications and checked regularly according to the recommended mileage.

Once the wheel spacers are in place, the Jeep wheels are mounted onto the spacer studs. They are now positioned further outwards. If you’ve recently upgraded your wheels/tires, adding a spacer allows for better clearance without having to add new rims. This eliminates any rubbing issues that would have come about as a result of the new larger tires.

Wheel adapters, on the other hand, change the version of the stock bolt pattern found on your vehicle. The most common Jeep adapter conversions include:

  • 5×4.5” to 5×5” which converts ZJ, TJ, XJ, YJ to a JK bolt pattern
  • 5×4.5” to 5×5.5” which converts ZJ, XJ, YJ, TJ to a CJ bolt pattern
  • 5×5” to 5×4.5” which converts JK to a ZJ, XJ, YJ, ZTJ bolt pattern
  • 5×5” to 5×5.5” which converts JK to a CJ bolt pattern

The choice of installing either of the two depends on personal needs and one’s budget. You can buy new wheels with a larger offset. This allows you to install broader and larger tires without fuss. If this does not fit your budget, however, wheel spacers might be a better option. Wheel adapters are also a viable option where the bolt patterns vary.

Jeep Patriot Mods with Wheel Spacers: Before & After (Pics)