lexus is wheel spacers

The Lexus IS is a very popular executive sedan in North America. It has sleek looks, strong and reliable engines, and a combination of great handling and plush ride. It’s also slightly cheaper than German rivals, which makes it that much more desirable.

Lexus IS is strong in the tuning community as well. People love its dynamic and purposeful looks, and that dates back even to the first generation. Search google for some tuned Lexus IS examples, and one of the first thins you’ll notice is that almost every vehicle out there has a much wider stance. Well, if you want that looks on your IS, you need wheel spacers.

Why do you need wheel spacers?

Manufacturers are often conservative with the track of the vehicle, and that includes the Lexus IS as well. The Japanese sedan definitely looks better with a wider stance – the wheels somehow appear to fit the body of the vehicle finally. This is true with the stock wheels of the IS, but it’s especially true if you put bigger rims on it. Then, it will be a car enthusiast dream.

As a matter of fact, if you want to put bigger rims and wider tires, wheel spacers are a must. If you don’t put wheel spacers, the tires may touchy the inside of the wheel well or some suspension components. Offsetting the wheels slightly will not only be a better fit, but the Lexus IS will look amazing in the end. The same can be said if you want to install bigger brakes on your IS – wheel spacers will open more space for the brakes inside the wheel.

Wheel spacers can also have a positive impact on how your Lexus IS drives. You should expect better stability and more stability in the corners. On the other hand, though, if you go overboard with the thickness, there will be more strain on the suspension and bearings due to higher torque. You might also experience less stability while braking.

What kind of wheel spacers to buy for the Lexus IS?

You own yourself a fine premium vehicle and you should really put premium wheel spacers on it. Sure, the cheaper wheel spacers may appear the same, but there is a big difference in the materials used and in the precision with which it is made.

Then we strongly recommend going for hubcentric wheel spacers. These are a much better fit for the hub of your Lexus IS, locking in place tightly. Normal wheel spacers, on the other hand, can have a negative effect on the performance and introduce vibration while driving. They also put the whole weight of the vehicle on the bolts.

You should also determine the right thickness of wheel spacers for your particular usage scenario. To see which thickness will fit properly, measure the distance between the tire and the body, or use washers instead of wheel spacers while trying the wheels. Of course, don’t drive your vehicle with the washers, just try them while the vehicle is jacked up.

How to install wheel spacers on the Lexus IS?

This is a very easy process, almost as easy as changing a tire. You just need a jack, jack stands, and the proper tools for removing the wheels. Then, just follow these steps:

  • Use the parking brake to make the vehicle stationary and loosen the lug nuts on the wheels, front or rear. Always work on one end at a time
  • Jack up the end of the vehicle you’ve started working on. Use jack stands for bigger safety while working
  • Completely remove the wheels
  • Place the spacer directly onto the hub and make sure they are flush
  • Tighten the spacer using the supplied nuts. If the spacers come with a ridged surface, that one should face outward
  • Put the wheels back on and fasten the lug nuts
  • Drive several miles to see if the wheels fit into the tire well and don’t touch the body and that there are no noises coming from the suspension
  • Retighten the lug nuts after driving around 100 miles