Welcome to the SpacersGuide.com!

Hi, my name is John. Should you have landed on SpacersGuide.com, I assume you are ready to embark on the journey into the world of customizing your wheels. I personally believe that car is a continuation of its owner. This is a way to express oneself. Just like fashion clothes or jewelry. Or tattoos, etc.

I guess there was no other way for me to think as cars were around since day one of my life. Believe it or not, but I was helping my dad build hot rods in our garage before I went to school. He was earning for life as a mechanic. For the most part, it was a routine job. People just wanted their cars fixed. But there was the minority who wanted their vehicles to look better, drive harder. And these were the fantastic days. This kind of work was much more like an art. Over the past decade, my father and I experimented a lot and built a few great mods. When my dad suddenly passed away a few years ago, I promised myself to carry on and build something he could be proud of. Thus the reason I started this website is to find the same devoted car tuners so that we could share our experience and help each other.

Now we are a small team of mechanic fellows. As we work on new interesting projects we try to describe the process of installing custom wheels on different models with the help of spacers and adapters. Chances are in the future you will find wheel spacers installation guides for all vehicles. Though the process is pretty much similar for most cars, there are always certain nuts and bolts in each individual case. Hoping you will enjoy our website.

Feel free to contact us. You can also send us your own projects or photos. [email protected]