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Audi AG is responsible for developing producing, assembling, selling, and distributing of high-end quality vehicles in Germany and all over the world. The company traces its roots to the old city of Ingolstadt in Germany. Today, Audi specializes in producing luxurious vehicles for its global customers a fate that requires a total of nine production lines.

The company came into existent back in 1932 when August Horch entered into a business agreement with Wanderer and DKW manufactures. But it is not up to the 1960s that the company began to enter the international market. The Auto, Union, as it was called then was acquired by Volkswagen group. The company took no time to rebrand the Audi brand as the Audi D103 series was released five years later. In 1969, a special case of merging took place that saw NSU Motorenwerke merging with the Audi Union to give the present version of the Audi Company.

What many people do not know is the fact that the Audi name is the Latin translation of Horch, the founding father of the company surname. This is the case as in German, the word “Horch” means listen which when translated to Latin refers to “Audi.” Interesting right? Wait for this! Many people today will recognize the Audi Logo but not so many people know what it means. The four ring lines that are evidently visible on the logo represent the four founding car companies that merge together to form the Audi Union.

Together with Mercedes-Benz and BMW, Audi is ranked as one of the best luxurious automobile selling brands in the world.

The chart for the Audi Bolt pattern

The bolt pattern is very important to Audi as it determines not only the number but the position of the bolt holes that need to match up with one’s vehicle studs. The bolt holes refer to the real holes that are found on one’s wheel which allows for the mounting of the wheel studs. Wheel studs, on the other hand, are used together with lug nuts to ensure that the wheel is fixed on the car. Then there is the bolt hole circle which is the position whereby each center of the bolt aligns when fixed. The diameter of the circle is taken as the second number contained in a bolt pattern.

Understanding the bolt circle is crucial as it is the one that determines the ideal position of the bolts. With every bolt being evenly spaced, the center of each bolt would have to lie on the outer perimeter of the bolt circle. In order to ensure that will end up fitting perfectly with the mounting hub, the bolt circle was designed in a way that it has the same center point as its resultant mounting hub. The Pitch circle diameter is determined by measuring the bolt’s circle measurement.

In this guide, users will find information on Audi Bolt Patterns which ranges from 4 lug patterns to 5 lug bolt patterns.

Torque specifications for the Audi Lug Nuts

It is a must that lug nuts should always be tightened to the right torque specifications of each Audi make, and year. This means that the right procedures, tools, and patterns should be used for proper torquing. In doing so, errors such as stretching the studs, striping the fastener threads and over tightening the hardware would be eliminated. Any slight form of over-tightening of the wheel attaching hardware can prove to be catastrophic.

This guide discourages the use of torque stick and impact guns to install wheels. Using an impact gun can easily result in the wheels loosening up or even damaging the wheels’ hardware in totality.

Lastly, users are reminded that they should always re-torque their vehicles with new wheels after 50-100 mileage of driving.

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