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The Lexus luxury vehicle brand is among the largest Japanese vehicle brands in the world. It’s sold and marketed by the Japanese automaker Toyota in over 70 countries and territories globally. Its headquarters are in Nagoya, Japan.

Lexus expanded its sales outside the U.S. in the early 2000s. It became the first premium car brand from Japan to launch in its country of origin. It inaugurated dealerships across the Japanese domestic market in 2005. It later expanded into Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

About Lexus Wheel Spacers

The most obvious reason behind the installation of wheel spacers on a Lexus is the visual appeal. Wheel spacers give a sporty and tuned look. In addition, they improve wheel performance and enhance stability.

One of the greatest reasons, however, is to allow Lexus owners to fit wheels larger than those bought together with the car without upgrading the rim size. Bigger wheels may rub with the coil-over as they sit too close to it. This normally happens when the driver steers to the far left or far right. Wheel spacers ensure that the bigger wheels are offset correctly and that they sit at a safe distance from the hub or coil-over.

Lexus Bolt Pattern Chart

ES 250 90-91 15×6 5×100 12×1.5 54.1 H
ES 300 92-97 15×6 5×114.3 12×1.5 60.1 H
GS 300 93-UP 16×7.5 5×114.3 12×1.5 60.1 H
GS 400 98-01 16×7.5 5×114.3 12×1.5 60.1 H
GS 430 01-UP 16×7.5 5×114.3 12×1.5 60.1 M
IS 300 & SPORT CROSS 00-UP 17×7.5 5×114.3 12×1.5 60.1 H
LS 400 90-94 16×7 5×114.3 12×1.5 60.1 H
LS 400 Large brakes 95-UP 16×7 5×114.3 12×1.5 60.1 M
LS 430 Large brakes 00-UP 16×7 5×114.3 12×1.5 60.1 M
SC 300 92-96 16×6.5 5×114.3 12×1.5 60.1 H
SC 400 91-01 16×7 5×114.3 12×1.5 60.1 H
SC 430 02-UP 18×8.5 5×114.3 12×1.5 60.1 H
GX470 03-UP 16×8 6×139.7 12×1.5 108 H
LX 450 96-97 16×8 6×139.7 12×1.5 108 M
LX 470 97-UP 16×8 5×150 14×1.5 110 H
RX300 98-03 16×7 5×114.3 12×1.5 60.1 M
RX330 04-UP 16×7 5×114.3 12×1.5 60.1 H

It is advisable to use the same nuts/bolts that come with the original wheel hub. Bolt patterns range from 4 to 8 bolts. Unless you’re planning to fit a different wheel hub, the bolt pattern present is ideal. When using a spacer to offset your wheels, you may require longer bolts. To find the right bolt size for your new fitting, add the offset of the spacer to the factory bolt length. This will give you a new bolt length that you can use.

Lexus Lug Nut Torque Specifications

The wheel attaching hardware must be properly installed and tightened to the manufacturer’s specifications. Torque instructions can be found within the vehicle’s user manual. The process requires the right bolt patterns, tools, and procedure. This prevents any overtightening incidences that may stretch the studs, strip the threads or warp the brake drums, hubs, and rotors.

Under-tightening can be as equally dangerous and damaging. Torque specifications should be followed only after the threads have been dried. Clean out any corrosion, grit, dirt or oil present. The hardware should not bind. It should turn freely when tightened by hand. Hardware seats and threads should not be lubricated as they provide the friction from which torque is measured. Lubricating the hardware interferes with this friction leading to false torque readings. With these, you end up over-torquing the hardware.

Start by installing the hardware by hand. Snug the nuts and bolts manually then use a click-type torque wrench or beam to torque them to the final specification. Use the recommended pattern to confirm the final torque value.

Impact guns and torque sticks should not be used to install wheels. These can damage the wheel finish and other hardware. Some vehicles require special sockets to carry out the torque. This ensures that the anodized coatings are not damaged. Using an impact gun will leave you with loose wheels due to low torque or broken and damaged hardware due to high torque.

Below are some of the factors that affect torque:

  • The grip strength of the operator
  • Impact weight
  • Impacts per second
  • Internal hammer size
  • Type of impact (cordless, electric, air)
  • Additional adapters used
  • Socket length, size, and weight
  • Angle of use
  • Power (air volume, fitting size, battery age and power, air pressure, hose length)

Impact guns and torque sticks also prevent owners from using a click-type wrench which confirms the final torque value. Despite click-type torque wrenches being able to give the selected torque, they cannot flag excessive torque.

Use the right crisscross pattern for your wheel’s attaching hardware until the specified torque value is reached.

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