The Acura TL was once the most popular vehicle in the manufacturer’s line-up, and one of the most popular luxury sedans out there. Buyers loved the reliability, style, performance and comfort. However, starting with the latest generation, sales started dropping. There were several reasons for that, but mostly Acura SUVs took over the market, and buyers really didn’t like the exterior design.

While we can’t do anything about the SUVs taking over the market, we can do something about that styling. Sure, the new Acura TL looks a bit derivative, but with the right rims and wheel spacers, it can look pretty attractive. The same can be said for previous generations – any vehicle can look better with wider stance.

Why do you need wheel spacers on the Acura TL?

It’s simple – the wheel spacers push the wheels outward. This brings several benefits with it, but it also brings some disadvantages. Let’s start with what you gain. Due to the wider stance they create, the Acura TL will look sportier and more aggressive, and the wheels will fill the well like a glove.

However, wheel spacers are sometimes a must, like when you want to install bigger aftermarket rims on your TL so you’ll be sure that they don’t touch the inside of the wheel well. This is also true in case when you want to install bigger brakes inside – wheel spacers are put between the hub and the wheel, thus creating more space inside.

Wheel spacers also make the vehicle more stable and better to drive on the road, but on the other hand, they put strain on the suspension components.

What kind of wheel spacers to buy for the Acura TL?

We recommend hubcentric wheel spacers from a reputable manufacturer, because the normal ones put the weight of the vehicle on the bolts and can produce vibrations while driving. Hubcentric fill the space much better and don’t produce vibrations while driving.

3/4 inch wheel spacers

The bigger problem for Acura TL owners will be to determine how wide should the spacers be. Remember, if you go too wide, the tires may touch the body of the vehicle. It’s always best to try the width with washers – simply put the washers on the lug nuts and try the wheel to see how it fits. When you find the right width, just add the total width of all the washers and you’ll have the width of the spacer. You may also need different width of wheel spacers in the front and in the back.

1 inch wheel spacers

If you change the stock wheels with aftermarket ones, you should first measure how much more inward will the new rims be when installed. It’s best to add wheel spacers that are exactly the subtract between the aftermarket and stock wheels.

1.25 inch wheel spacers

2 inches wheel spacers

How to install wheel spacers on Acura TL?

You can install wheel spacers on your Acura TL pretty easily – all you need is a jack, jack stands and the proper tools for changing the wheels. That said, it is recommended to do this in a garage.

Then, just follow these simple steps:

  • Before jacking up the vehicle, loosen the nuts on the wheels on the front or rear wheels (always work on one set of tires at a time).
  • Use the parking brake so the vehicle doesn’t move
  • Jack up the front or the rear of the vehicle, depending on which wheels you’ve loosened
  • Completely unscrew the lug nuts and then remove the wheel
  • Install the wheel spacers directly on the hub and tighten the lug nuts. If the wheel spacers are very wide, you’ll need bigger bolts.
  • Use anti-seize on the wheel studs (*optional)
  • Put the wheel back on the hub, lower the vehicle and tighten the lug nuts
    Drive several miles to see if the tires don’t touch the body of the vehicle. Drive additional 100 miles and then retighten all lug nuts on the wheel spacers