Benefits of Using Wheel Spacers on Chevrolet Trailblazer

Wheel spacers are used to provide clearance between a vehicle’s wheels and its hubs. This provides space that can be used to install other aftermarket components such as custom wheels, larger rotors, and performance calipers.

Wheel spacers place the wheels further away to provide an extended track that enhances stability and contributes to better handling. You also get a better grip and uniform tire loading. For some, however, it’s all about the aesthetic value that comes with changing the bolt pattern. This allows them to install larger wheels and tires that bring out the much needed sportier look on a Chevrolet Trailblazer.

Choosing Bolt Pattern and Thickness

The right wheel spacers provide adequate brake clearance and prevent any rubbing with the fenders. A wheel spacer that is too thin will cause interference between your wheels and brake calipers while that which is too thick will cause your tires to hit the fenders.

The right size will largely depend on how far you’d like the wheel to sit. If your wheels are fitted with lug nuts, get ahold of plain flat metal washers. These help to simulate your wheel spacer thickness.

Start by placing one or two washers on each wheel stud. Test your wheel to see if it sits right. Take note of your wheel/caliper spacing. If you need more clearance, add one washer at a time before testing again.

Once you get the right clearance, remove the wheel together with all the washers. Measure the thickness of the washers to determine the thickness of the wheel spacers that you’ll need. You should have an equal number of washers on every stud. If not, you’ll have to repeat the process to achieve equal thickness on all studs.

If your Trailblazer is fitted with lug bolts, start by passing all of them through the wheels. Add a washer at a time to each bolt from the backside of the wheel. Test-fit the wheel as you add or remove washers where necessary. Once you achieve the right clearance, measure the thickness of the washers. Take note of your bolt pattern as this will come in handy when shopping for the right wheel spacer.

How much wheel offset will my car get?

Your Trailblazer will get a wheel offset that is equal to the thickness of the wheel spacer. The right offset ensures that you have enough clearance. This prevents your car parts from rubbing against the brakes, bumpers, fenders, mud flaps, or suspension. It also ensures that you drive safe as the wrong offset can affect stability and tamper with braking.

Installing Wheel Spacers on Chevrolet Trailblazer

The tools you’ll need to install wheel spacers on your Chevrolet Trailblazer include a floor jack, lug wrench jack stands, degreaser, rags, and a torque wrench.

  1. Park your car and jack it up.
  2. Loosen the lug nuts to remove the wheel. Spray some degreaser onto the studs.
  3. Install the wheel spacer and ensure that it sits flat.
  4. Place the wheel back and lace the lug nuts.
  5. Lower your car to the ground and repeat the process for the other corners.