The Benefits of Using Wheel Spacers on Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper began its legendary journey back in 1961. It immediately grew to be an iconic automobile across the British automotive industry. In 1991, it was crowned as “The Greatest Car of All Time”. It went on to scoop other titles including being named the second most influential car of the 20th Century.  Even all the members of the English rock band “The Beatles” drove a Mini Cooper!

There being so many offers on automotive parts across the industry, deciding on which one’s best for your Mini Cooper can be a challenge. When it comes to Mini Cooper wheel spacers and adapters, however, worry not. There is a fantastic deal of wheel spacers that meet all your needs. We have teamed up with the best brands to ensure that you sort through every product with confidence.

Choosing Bolt Pattern & Thickness

H&R TRAK Wheel Spacers provide the best choice for someone looking forward to widening the stance of their Mini Cooper. They are made of a standard alloy of aluminum and magnesium, making them not only lightweight but also durable. In addition to adding some visual appeal, they improve your car’s performance, handling and safety. They fit perfectly thanks to their hub-centric design.

How to Measure

Place a straight edge flush across the face of the wheel/tire. Let it touch the tire at two spots, making sure it’s even with the tire. Measure the distance between the inside of the straight edge and the inner fender lip. Note down the point where the fender is closest to the wheel/tire. For a car with a significant negative camber, the wheel/tire will be closest to the fender towards the latter’s rear edge or front.

Which Bolts?

The lug-bolt size in the Mini Cooper was changed in 2002. Models produced between 2002 and 2005 have 12mm lug bolts while those produced between 2006 and 2016 have 14mm lug bolts. Some 2006 Mini Coopers have the 12mm lug bolts. For the 2006 model owners, it’s best to first measure your bolt sizes before buying your wheel spacers. Remember to measure the diameter of the threaded part, not the size of the wrench required to remove or install the bolt.

Installing Wheel Spacers on Mini Cooper

The process involves removing the wheel, placing the spacer on the wheel hub, bolting and re-installing the wheel with the spacer lug bolts.

  1. Park your car on a flat surface. If you’re using a floor lift/jack, use a BMS floor jack pad adapter to lift the vehicle. Remove the lug nuts and the wheels using a 17mm socket, preferably the 17mm BMS protective wheel saver socket.
  2. Remove the plastic dust cap if present. You can alternatively glue the cap to the spacer lip if you don’t want to remove it. Use sand paper or a wire brush to clean off any rust and grime. This prevents difficulties in removing the spacer in the future.
  3. Avoid coating the spacer or bolts with any grease or anti-seize lubricant. A minute packet of anti-seize is provided for the sides and top of the manufacturer’s and spacer hubs just in case you wish to remove the spacer.
  4. Place the spacer on the hub and make sure it sits flat with the rotor. Do not use the spacer if there’s any gap between it and the brake rotor. There should be no gap whatsoever.

Mini Cooper Mods with Wheel Spacers: Before & After (Pics)